Has God forgotten Israel and the Jews? Have they stumbled beyond recovery? Is there one table for the Jews and another for the Gentiles?

Must a Jew become a Christian to be saved? Must a Gentile become Jewish to be saved? What's the difference between the fig tree and the olive tree?

What is God's Plan?

In Jewish Roots: Understanding God's Plan, you will learn hte answers to these questions and many other questions about the relationship between God, Gentiles and Jews.

And untimately, you will discover how and where you fit into God's plan.

Carriers of Glory to Israel

The Bible says there will be a time when the Gentiles (the non-Jews) will cause the Jews to become jealous of what those Gentiles have.  We know Christians will not make them envious with our divided churches, broken families, bankrupt checking accounts, and divorces.


You were created to worship! Dustin Smith presents a new perspective on worship and our responce to heaven's reply.

Sermons include:

Example or Excuse

Our Responce to the Glory

Worship that Works



A powerful story of transformation! Kathy Gray shares her life story in a way that brings freedom and life to the listener.

Growing up in a Christian home, Kathy was surrounded by love. Despite a loving environment, at an early age she found her life gripped by a root of bitterness. It almost destroyed her ministry and her motherhood as well as her marriage.

Is the Rapture for Real?

Many people preach tribulation for the Jews while Christians are raptured away. In this video, Steve Gray shares his journey towards a better end times theology that offers hope and help for Israel.


Are you ready for a move of God? Revival can happen anywhere, anytime, with anybody who seriously longs for a deeper experience with God.

Steve Gray’s personal story of revival can lead the way for your God-encounter. His teachings and sermons will help you gain a biblical understanding to maintain revival. Plus, the special teaching You Can Receive the Holy Spirit will help you receive the powerful baptism of the Holy Spirit! The Personal Revival bundle will help you experience what happens when God’s kingdom comes rushing in.


You'll never be the same again! Lightning from Heaven is the story of Steve Gray's personal encounter with God that sparked the revival known as the Smithton Outpouring. His story will help you experience the powerful outpouring of God's presence that continues even today.


Your response determines your future! In this series, Steve Gray shares lessons learned from the historic Smithton Outpouring that resulted in thousands of changed lives and an ongoing outpouring of God’s presence. Each message will give you a fresh revelation of who God is and what he is asking of you as a believer. You’ll gain a new place of intimacy and power “when the kingdom comes” in your life!


Revival is not outdated. Revival is the key to survival for God’s people in the face of escalating threats and persecutions from other religions.

Steve Gray is known worldwide as a leader in global revival, leading the historic Smithton Outpouring in the 1990’s and the Kansas City Revival, broadcast live on Daystar Television Network from 2008-2011. The Ignite Revival Bundle features books by Steve Gray that will stir hunger in your life for revival and give you the tools to maintain a move of God in your life and ministry.

What does it mean to restore God’s glory to Israel?

The glory of God is God’s great motivator! With it, God’s people can accomplish great things. In this video, Steve Gray shares his vision for revival in Israel – a restoration of the glory of God.