The Advancing Kingdom - Part 1

We’ve already reminded ourselves that the world will never really end, but it will end as we know it. Time will turn its page and start a new chapter called eternal life.

The End of Ages: An Exciting Time for the Restoration of Israel

We live in exciting times! We are on the brink of the restoration of Israel being fulfilled. In this video, Steve Gray explains what God is doing in the world today.

Are You Weary and Heavy Laden?

Most of us are familiar with the scripture where Jesus calls the people who are weary and heavy-laden to come to him and he will give them rest. I think that passage is traditionally preached to non-believers, promising them rest if they come to Jesus.


Have you lost your innocence? Whether it was stolen from you – or you willingly gave it away, there is a way back! Kathy Gray’s book, Innocence Restored will help you recover the innocence God intended you to have.

Through personal testimony and biblical application, Kathy outlines the pathway for you to return to purity and a fresh purpose for life. By the power of the Holy Spirit – whether you are a man or woman – your innocence can be restored.

Study guide available for group and individual study. Save money with the Innocence Restored Bundle!


You can be restored! Join Kathy Gray as she walks you through a plan that will bring about the transformation God has for your life.

Kathy’s Journal to Restoration contains biblical concepts and scriptures that help ignite the change you’ve been longing for. Let your mind be renewed as you study the monthly topics and dig into the daily scriptures. Your faith will be strengthened as you journal about the process of restoration that God is working in your life.

Activate God’s transforming power with these monthly concepts: