The Advancing Kingdom - Part 1

We’ve already reminded ourselves that the world will never really end, but it will end as we know it. Time will turn its page and start a new chapter called eternal life.

The Advancing Kingdom - Part 2

According to Matthew 11:12 the kingdom of God is an advancing kingdom. It is not a retreating kingdom or a disappearing kingdom or even a here-then-gone-then-back-again kingdom. Prophetically it is a kingdom that knows no end.


What is wrong with the modern-day church? Why are people in church dealing with the same problems of sickness, depression, and sin that other people deal with? Why does the church seem powerless to help? When the Kingdom Comes by Steve Gray is the book that will reveal to you why the current religious system is failing and how you can recapture God's original intention for a vibrant, life-giving church.

What is the good news for the Jewish people?

The good news may not be what you think! It’s a message of God coming down to help you and the nation of Israel. In this video, Steve Gray shares how to position yourself to receive God’s help – and share it with the Jewish people in your life.


Your response determines your future! In this series, Steve Gray shares lessons learned from the historic Smithton Outpouring that resulted in thousands of changed lives and an ongoing outpouring of God’s presence. Each message will give you a fresh revelation of who God is and what he is asking of you as a believer. You’ll gain a new place of intimacy and power “when the kingdom comes” in your life!


Kathy Gray’s Call to War offers essential tools for spiritual warfare!

Are you fighting for your kids? Your marriage? Your destiny? You are called to fight – and win! A Call to War is a collection of powerful teachings that will arm you for victory.

In these six messages, Kathy exposes the enemy’s tactics and helps you step into spiritual warfare with a strong strategy for triumph. Men and women alike will benefit from the wisdom and unique insight Kathy shares. Teachings include:


God uses worship moments to move in power! Steve Gray outlines worship concepts that will propell you towards a lifestyle of worship and activate God's power in your life.

Sermons include:

The Purpose of Worship

Sacrifice of Praise

Why Worship?

Senior Pastor of World Revival Church, Steve Gray is a leading voice in revival today with a global impact. Thousands worldwide are experiencing God in powerful ways through his ministry.