What is my role as a non-Jew towards a Jew?

Judaism is the root of Christianity. Rather than being converted, the Jewish people must be made envious for the glory of God that once belonged to them. In this teaching, Steve Gray explains how salvation will come to the Jews through you, a non-Jewish believer.


Has God forgotten Israel and the Jews? Have they stumbled beyond recovery? Is there one table for the Jews and another for the Gentiles?

Must a Jew become a Christian to be saved? Must a Gentile become Jewish to be saved? What's the difference between the fig tree and the olive tree?

What is God's Plan?

InĀ Jewish Roots: Understanding God's Plan, you will learn hte answers to these questions and many other questions about the relationship between God, Gentiles and Jews.

And untimately, you will discover how and where you fit into God's plan.