Jews and salvation

The Advancing Kingdom - Part 2

According to Matthew 11:12 the kingdom of God is an advancing kingdom. It is not a retreating kingdom or a disappearing kingdom or even a here-then-gone-then-back-again kingdom. Prophetically it is a kingdom that knows no end.

Why should a Christian be concerned about Israel?

Christianity was never meant to operate outside of Judaism. As a non-Jewish Christian, you have a ministry that can bring salvation to the Jews and help usher in the end of the age. Find out how you can help restore the glory of God in this insightful teaching by Steve Gray.

Do Jews need to convert to Christianity?

God’s intention for Israel is not tribulation, but restoration. The glory restored will open the hearts of Jewish people everywhere so they can see and believe in the Messiah! In this video, Steve Gray outlines what a Jewish person needs to do to be saved.

What is my role as a non-Jew towards a Jew?

Judaism is the root of Christianity. Rather than being converted, the Jewish people must be made envious for the glory of God that once belonged to them. In this teaching, Steve Gray explains how salvation will come to the Jews through you, a non-Jewish believer.