You can be free! Embark on a to freedom with Kathy Gray this year and lay hold of all God has for you through her Journal to Freedom – Activating God’s Anointing in Your Life.

Each month features a biblical concept from Kathy plus scriptures and daily thoughts to encourage you throughout the year. She’ll help you walk in the anointing that God has supplied to every believer to be free – and stay free!

Journal your way to freedom with these monthly concepts:


Kathy Gray’s Call to War offers essential tools for spiritual warfare!

Are you fighting for your kids? Your marriage? Your destiny? You are called to fight – and win! A Call to War is a collection of powerful teachings that will arm you for victory.

In these six messages, Kathy exposes the enemy’s tactics and helps you step into spiritual warfare with a strong strategy for triumph. Men and women alike will benefit from the wisdom and unique insight Kathy shares. Teachings include:


Are you ready to become the person God intended you to be? These teachings by Steve Gray will lead you towards a holy dismantling and a powerful rebuilding of who you are in Christ. You are the light of the world – and this series will help you shine.

Includes two CDs titled:

What Is Happening To Me?

Prove Yourself Faithful 


A powerful story of transformation! Kathy Gray shares her life story in a way that brings freedom and life to the listener.

Growing up in a Christian home, Kathy was surrounded by love. Despite a loving environment, at an early age she found her life gripped by a root of bitterness. It almost destroyed her ministry and her motherhood as well as her marriage.