end times

The Advancing Kingdom - Part 1

We’ve already reminded ourselves that the world will never really end, but it will end as we know it. Time will turn its page and start a new chapter called eternal life.

The Advancing Kingdom - Part 2

According to Matthew 11:12 the kingdom of God is an advancing kingdom. It is not a retreating kingdom or a disappearing kingdom or even a here-then-gone-then-back-again kingdom. Prophetically it is a kingdom that knows no end.

What does it mean to restore God’s glory to Israel?

The glory of God is God’s great motivator! With it, God’s people can accomplish great things. In this video, Steve Gray shares his vision for revival in Israel – a restoration of the glory of God.

Why should a Christian be concerned about Israel?

Christianity was never meant to operate outside of Judaism. As a non-Jewish Christian, you have a ministry that can bring salvation to the Jews and help usher in the end of the age. Find out how you can help restore the glory of God in this insightful teaching by Steve Gray.

Israel and the End of the World

What you are about to read could change your entire outlook on life. I know it has mine.

What is God's Intention for Israel?

The Jews are not forgotten. God has a plan to restore his presence and power in Israel and to Jews everywhere. In this video, Steve Gray offers a prophetic perspective of God’s intention for uniting Jews and Christians in the end times.

Is the Rapture for Real?

Many people preach tribulation for the Jews while Christians are raptured away. In this video, Steve Gray shares his journey towards a better end times theology that offers hope and help for Israel.

The End of Ages: An Exciting Time for the Restoration of Israel

We live in exciting times! We are on the brink of the restoration of Israel being fulfilled. In this video, Steve Gray explains what God is doing in the world today.