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Revival is not outdated. Revival is the key to survival for God’s people in the face of escalating threats and persecutions from other religions.

Steve Gray is known worldwide as a leader in global revival, leading the historic Smithton Outpouring in the 1990’s and the Kansas City Revival, broadcast live on Daystar Television Network from 2008-2011. The Ignite Revival Bundle features books by Steve Gray that will stir hunger in your life for revival and give you the tools to maintain a move of God in your life and ministry.


Wishing you had a better marriage, better kids… a better financial picture? Steve Gray’s Hope for the Home series offers wisdom and biblical principles that you can easily implement today – for a brighter tomorrow!

Pastor, author and counselor for over 30 years, Steve Gray has helped thousands of people experience the hope and life God has for them. Now, you can bring these teachings into your own life so your family and marriage can benefit. There is hope for your home!

The Happy Family Bundle includes these teachings by Steve Gray:


Have you lost your innocence? Whether it was stolen from you – or you willingly gave it away, there is a way back! Kathy Gray’s book, Innocence Restored will help you recover the innocence God intended you to have.

With everything needed for your own personal journey or a group study, this Innocence Restored Bundle will help you return to purity and a fresh purpose for life. By the power of the Holy Spirit – whether you are a man or woman – your innocence can be restored.

The Innocence Restored Bundle includes:


Are you ready for a move of God? Revival can happen anywhere, anytime, with anybody who seriously longs for a deeper experience with God.

Steve Gray’s personal story of revival can lead the way for your God-encounter. His teachings and sermons will help you gain a biblical understanding to maintain revival. Plus, the special teaching You Can Receive the Holy Spirit will help you receive the powerful baptism of the Holy Spirit! The Personal Revival bundle will help you experience what happens when God’s kingdom comes rushing in.


Are you ready to become the person God intended you to be? These teachings by Steve Gray will lead you towards a holy dismantling and a powerful rebuilding of who you are in Christ. You are the light of the world – and this series will help you shine.

Includes two CDs titled:

What Is Happening To Me?

Prove Yourself Faithful 


You were created to worship! Dustin Smith presents a new perspective on worship and our responce to heaven's reply.

Sermons include:

Example or Excuse

Our Responce to the Glory

Worship that Works


5 Ways to Set the Atmosphere for God's Presence

God is stirring hearts and people are hungry for an outpouring of the Spirit. I would like to discuss strategies for leading people into the glorious presence of God. I certainly don't want to imply that these strategies are exclusive.