Steve Gray

Steve Gray is the founder and president of Steve Gray Ministries. His book titles include My Absurd Religion; When the Kingdom Comes, Hope Heals and more. Steve is also a songwriter and screenwriter for both television and film, with his current feature film project focused on Israel.

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The Unwavering Christian

There is something about an unwavering, faith-filled Christian that moves the heart of God. God is searching for people who will finish the race He has set before them. He desires that His people become unwavering in their faith, standing boldly on who He says He is.

Religion: The enslaver of most Christian believers

If you find yourself going through the motions of Christianity without any heart, passion, or transformation, then you may have fallen into the trap of religion.

Getting Back to the Heart of Revival

When you hear the word revival, what do you think of?

Feeling the presence of God so strong that you fall to your knees? Being healed and made whole in the presence of God? Being slain in the Spirit by the power of God?

5 things stopping you from hearing God’s voice

Many Christians are living a life void of hearing God’s voice. They go to church, they pray, but still, they lack clear direction and instruction from God.

How to Start Living a Life of True Biblical Servanthood

If you ask thousands of people around the world what success looks like, most would correlate fame, money, or popularity with great success.

But what if God’s path to success is much different than the worlds’?

A life of consistency with God

Most people think they must be extremely talented, anointed, or skilled to be great at something. But the first step to becoming great at anything is to become consistent in it.

Have you become unrecognizable to God?

We were created in the image of God. We were designed to take on the heart, spirit, and image of Christ as we draw closer to God through communion and fellowship. The more time we spend in His presence, the more we begin to look like our Father from the inside out. 

Living an Empowered Life by the Grace of God

“God’s grace covers my sins.”

How many times have you heard that phrase in your church?

The Inconvenience of the Cross

Spring is a time where Christians are celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus. Churches hold extra services, ceremonies and events to commemorate the One who carried His cross and was a living sacrifice for the sins of the world.