In the Year of God's Favor

Posted on October 4, 2018 By Steve Gray Ministries

You’re saved, but do you need salvation?

Tell me, what is it that has you enslaved?

You may not be in physical shackles, but life has a way of putting mental, emotional, and spiritual chains on you.  Some people live with these chains, carrying around baggage of unforgiveness, hurt and addictions; and lugging the bondage of fear, regret, and unbelief.

Let me give you some examples.  If someone goes through a tragic time in their life such as loss of a loved one, that pain and grief can linger for years, impacting their emotions significantly every single day.

Or, someone could experience rejection as a childhood from a parent or family member that causes them to carry fear of rejection into everything they do in their life, stopping them from taking risks and making bold decisions.

Or maybe someone went through a devastating divorce or breakup that breeds distrust, causing them to fear loyalty and commitment.

In these situations, the people are enslaved to the things that have happened to them.  It doesn’t make them bad people, it doesn’t even mean their pain or fears are unreasonable, it simply means that there is a deep need for healing in their life. A healing and restoration that only God can provide.

So again, I ask you, what is it that has you enslaved? Is it that voice that screams that you’ll always be poor? Is it hurt from something being stolen and snatched away from you?  Is it the fear that you’ll never be good enough for God? Is it that addiction that always seems to rule your mind and behavior? Think about it long and hard - what slave has been holding you captive? Keeping you from becoming all God has called you to become?

Once you’ve identified your “slave master,” it can be overwhelming to think about how you can become better, but I’ve got good news for you… God’s word and power is greater than anything that could ever try to rule you, including the pesky little devil who is aiming to enslave God’s people daily. He uses people and situations to convince us of things that are not in God’s word. He lies and tells us we’re not good enough. We’re not strong enough. We’re not powerful enough. We can never be whole. And we can never be joyful.

But those words only have power if we believe them.

So my next question to you is: Who have you been believing? Your God, or the adversary?

When the enemy tells you that you could never be blessed, God’s word says that surely He will bless those who love His name (Psalm 5:11).

When the voices tell you that God is not listening and does not care, God’s word says that He has heard you, and He will help you in the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:1-2).

For every lying voice there is God-truth to trump it. Aren’t you glad about it?!

So here you are. Staring your problems straight in the face. Realizing that maybe you have been a little enslaved in your mind and heart. But it’s no time to fret, because God saves!

I’m convinced that this is the year of jubilee – a time for an outpouring of God’s favor and salvation.  If we will walk by faith and not receive His grace in vain, we will receive an abundance of supernatural favor from our Heavenly Father to break mental and emotional chains, save us from the bondage of the world and the enemy, and shield us from the fiery darts that attack our lives!

“As God’s co-workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain. For he says, “In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.”I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.”” – 2 Corinthians 1:1-2 (NIV)

It’s time to gird up your loins because this is the year of God’s supernatural favor – spirit, soul and body! God is restoring all that you’ve lost and saving you from the bondage that has held you captive.

What to expect with God’s favor

Favor, by definition, is delight and acceptance.  In this season of supernatural favor, God is demonstrating His delight toward His precious children.  As we’ve delighted in our God, God is now demonstrating His delight toward us by recovering what has been stolen.  God’s favor will be like a shield and canopy, covering and protecting us from the darts of the enemy.

Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Freedom

God wants you to be whole in your spirit, soul, and physical body.

Maybe you’ve held onto something from the past that has ruled your mind for years. Or maybe you’ve been attacked spiritually, causing fear and unrest. There are many, many things that could have stolen your inner freedom, but God is decreeing that these things have power over you no longer.  

Will you make His Word your word and decree it over yourself?

You no longer have to be an unhappy task master, working and toiling only to see no fruit and feel no satisfaction. You no longer have to live with the mentality of a peasant, that you only deserve the bare minimum, and that God wouldn’t dare bless you with more.  You no longer have to live with nightmares and sleepless nights, reliving the trauma of what happened to you as a child.

It’s time to tell those slave master, tormenting thoughts NO! No slave will have control over me! Every lying voice of the enemy that speaks anything but God’s truth is silenced. I am a child of God and God is pouring out His goodness on me – and it’s not because I checked a bunch of tasks off my self-righteous list, it’s because God’s Word overcomes every slave mentality, and God’s Word says that freedom is mine!

Financial Freedom

Sometimes, people believe God to restore their mind or heart, but they struggle to believe God to restore things that were stolen from them in the natural. Well I am here to proclaim that Jesus is Lord over the tangible and intangible, and His power has no limits, no borders, and no barriers.

Just as God is bringing freedom and favor to your inner man, He is also bringing freedom and favor to your finances and recovering what has been lost.

So, practically, what does this mean? It means that debts will be supernaturally cancelled. You’ll receive a return on your investments and bear financial fruit. During this time of divine favor, God will also show favor on your real estate endeavors and protect your physical assets.

Every penny that has been wrongfully stolen from you, God is restoring.  What was meant to be yours, will be yours. And I’m not just talkin’ about money, I’m also talkin’ about land, real estate and property.

Will you make God’s Word your Word? Will you believe for supernatural favor?

The time is now.  No more bondage. No more poverty. No more addiction. No more grief. No more lack. God is calling His people higher and He is demonstrating His delight toward us!

So take your freedom. Snatch it from the enemy right now!  Let God’s Word take root in your heart and the reality of His promises become tangible to you.  You are not a mere peasant or servant, you are a child of the King with a royal inheritance. It’s not time to sulk or feel bad for yourself, it’s time to believe for an outpouring of the goodness of God, just like He has promised!