The Unwavering Christian

Posted on June 1, 2018 By Steve Gray

There is something about an unwavering, faith-filled Christian that moves the heart of God. God is searching for people who will finish the race He has set before them. He desires that His people become unwavering in their faith, standing boldly on who He says He is. God is looking for people who are not swayed by circumstances and stand on the solid rock of the word of God. Is that you?

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. – Hebrews 11:6

Many Christians say they want to please God, but when it’s time to stand in faith, they waver.

It’s easy to believe when life is easy, but can you stand firm when the storm comes? It’s easy to do what’s right when there is no wrong in sight, but what will you do when temptation stares you dead in the face? It is in the midst of hardship and temptation that your faith is tested. And if you think the enemy isn’t watching your decisions, you’re wrong.

The devil’s goal is to give you circumstances that affect your behavior because he knows that changed behavior is often a result of weakened faith. He tempts you so that he can make note of your stumbling blocks, weaknesses, and your response in the midst of trials and tribulations. 

If the enemy is throwing darts of unbelief and chaos into your life, are you going to allow his tactics to impact your behavior, or will you stand firm? You have to prove to principalities that you’re unaffected by your circumstances, even if you don’t like those circumstances. You do this by fighting the good fight of faith and sticking with the plan: To trust God, serve God, and love God with all your heart.

Most people never become all God wants them to be because their circumstances affect their faith.

God’s plans for your life is greater than you can even fathom, but you cannot fully walk into those plans without trusting Him. If you truly want to fulfill the will of God, you must look at His word more than you look at your circumstances. Your circumstances will tell you that you can’t be healed, victorious, prosperous, wise, successful, or do the will of God. But God’s word says just the opposite. Now you just have to believe it.

We are called to be unshakeable and unwavering

You cannot get complacent with your unbelief and wavering lifestyle. No longer should your circumstances dictate your emotions, behavior or faith. Today we must choose to live a faith-filled life. Even when the storm comes. Even on our bad days. Even during our lowest moments. We must choose to trust God, love God and serve Him and remain consistent for the rest of our days.