Religion: The enslaver of most Christian believers

Posted on May 27, 2018 By Steve Gray

If you find yourself going through the motions of Christianity without any heart, passion, or transformation, then you may have fallen into the trap of religion.

Religion focuses on the outward actions instead of the inward heart. Religion decrees that if you do all the right things a certain way, then you are right with God. But a true relationship with God takes you beyond your actions and puts a demand on your spirit to surrender all limiting, faithless and passionless traditions so God can move.

The bondage of man-made rules

It’s sad to say, but many Christians aren’t free in Christ because they’ve sat in a lifeless church that has more rules and regulations than power.

Whether it’s your denomination or just the culture of your church, most churches have created man-made standards that include and exclude certain people based on what they do, how they respond, and what they believe.

I’ve had people come to my church and oppose the move of God because it was like nothing they’d ever seen before. People in the church would tremble, fall down, or simply lay in the presence of God and some visitors deemed it ungodly. Not because it was unbiblical, but because it didn’t make them comfortable; they had created man-made rules limiting what God can do, how people can respond, and what the moving of the Holy Spirit looks like.

If we are not careful, we too can fall into the trap of limiting God based on the standards we create for Him.

So my question to you is what limitations, boundaries, and unspoken rules have you created about God that are unbiblical? What things do you believe can’t happen, and what things are you opposing in your life and at your church because they aren’t familiar and don’t make you feel comfortable?

It’s time to take the limits off

What if Jesus only released His power to those who approached Him a certain way? Imagine that before He healed anyone, He had to go through a ritual of singing a hymn, saying a prayer, and closing His eyes before they could be healed? This never happened because the only requirement Jesus had to manifest the miraculous was faith. He never placed limits on how the miracle would happen or what the power of God looked like as long as the people who used their faith received their breakthrough.

God wants you to experience true spiritual freedom, and He doesn’t care what it looks like to get you there. The question is, do you?

Don’t reject the move of God because it doesn’t fit within your comfort zone. Don’t get so comfortable with your current state that you aren’t open to God doing something in a new and fresh way.

It’s time to be revived in our hearts and begin to walk in a new level of expectation for the great things God is going to do. It’s time to take the limits of man-made standards and rules off so that you can encounter His glory.