How to Start Living a Life of True Biblical Servanthood

Posted on May 20, 2018 By Steve Gray

If you ask thousands of people around the world what success looks like, most would correlate fame, money, or popularity with great success.

But what if God’s path to success is much different than the worlds’?

While the world wants you to climb the ladder of success by gaining money, Instagram likes, and praise from people – Jesus tells us that the path to true success starts with two simple things: serving God and serving people.

The world wants to lord over people and accumulate things, but in the Kingdom, we win by serving. That’s one of the beautiful and unique things about the message of Christ: The focus is not on ourselves, but on loving and serving other people.

Here are a few ways you can start becoming a true servant of the Kingdom.

Stop complaining – Do everything from a place of love and sincerity

The Kingdom has no room for mumbling and complaining servants. God is looking for hungry, humble, and willing people who find the work of the Kingdom joyous, not burdensome. Serving can sometimes get tough, but when you serve from a place of love, compassion and sincerity, the work that you do is not a burden, but a blessing.

Serving is not a duty or obligation; it’s an opportunity to serve in a great Kingdom, exalting a great God who has set you free and delivered you! What’s there to complain about that?

Don’t seek applause or recognition

Servants don’t always get recognized, but they do always have an impact.

Jesus made it clear that if we humble ourselves, HE will be the One to exalt us (Matthew 23:12). We don’t have to strive to be recognized, and we should never expect others to applaud the work that we do. As servants of the Kingdom, we are serving God because it’s our duty and He deserves our commitment – not to win a prize, get a trophy, or receive human recognition.

Put people and God before yourself

Selfish people cannot be servants because servants always put the needs of others before themselves.

If you want to be a servant after God’s heart, you must master the art of dying to yourself and learning to love, lead and serve other people unconditionally. This doesn’t mean that you neglect your own health, desires or well-being, it simply means that you are not the driving force behind everything that you do, people and God are.

Don’t strive to be noticed, strive to be excellent

Most people are called to do things that are functional, not visible. Not everyone is called to a platform, stage, tv screen, or microphone — but just because your work isn’t seen publicly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be practicing excellence and consistency privately.

Excellence decrees that all the work you do —whether in public or private — will be done with all your energy. A true servant doesn’t wait until others are watching to excel and give their best, they start when no one is around to see their great work or give them an applause. These people, because they are humble and faithful over the seemingly unimportant tasks, are the ones who God exalts.

It’s time for God’s people to get a servant’s heart again

Service is all about people. It’s about showing your love and commitment to Christ through your actions. Serving is the first step to success in God’s eyes. So the next time you catch yourself desiring to do greater things, remember: Jesus never said it was wrong to be great; He said if you want to be great, start by serving.