Getting Back to the Heart of Revival

Posted on May 20, 2018 By Steve Gray

When you hear the word revival, what do you think of?

Feeling the presence of God so strong that you fall to your knees? Being healed and made whole in the presence of God? Being slain in the Spirit by the power of God?

All of these things are great, but none of them touch the heart of true revival.

What is revival?

Many people think revival comes when God decides to show us more of Himself. But in reality, revival is God’s way of responding to people who are hungry and desperate for more of Him. We aren’t waiting for a special move of God. He is waiting on us to get hungry for Him.

True revival is about being so desperate for God that you are willing to go through the fire to get to the fullness of Him. It’s willingly allowing God to burn up everything in your life that is not like Him, so you can have more of His presence and glory.

As a pastor who has led revival for years, I can say that you will never be a leader of revival if you are not willing to go through the flames. You have to be willing to let God change, shape, mold, and rip out every part of you that is displeasing to Him. The process may be difficult, but it is through that type of sacrifice and obedience that true revival comes.

It’s time to get back to the heart of what it means to be a child of God.

God longs to look down and find a Church that is thirsting for His presence; desperate for a touch from Him; hungry for righteousness; and completely committed and submitted to Him alone. This is the true gateway for spiritual revival.​

Do you need revival in your life?

Are you in need of a spiritual revival?​

Have you stopped chasing after Jesus with everything in you because you’ve become content or complacent?​

Have you stopped surrendering fully to God’s will?​

Has your faith weakened in some areas?​

Have you lost your hunger for Him? ​

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to come in and revive you!​

God is ready to revive you -- to make you alive again -- but are you hungry for the change that is available to you right now?​