5 things stopping you from hearing God’s voice

Posted on May 20, 2018 By Steve Gray

Many Christians are living a life void of hearing God’s voice. They go to church, they pray, but still, they lack clear direction and instruction from God.

Is this you? Have you been longing to hear the voice of God with no effect? If so, you are not alone, and you are not without hope. Here are 5 things I’ve identified that may be hindering you from hearing the voice of God.

  1. Rejecting Truth

If you want to hear God but don’t want to hear the truth, then the probability of hearing Him is slim. God doesn’t speak to make people feel good, or to endorse their self-developed idea of truth. He speaks truth so that lives can be changed, hearts can be turned, and His will can be done.

If you truly want to hear God’s voice, you must be okay with hearing the truth. It may not always be pleasant; it may not always align with your thoughts or beliefs; and it may not always be what you are hoping to hear – but when God speaks, it is always exactly what you need to hear.

  1. Impure Motives

Before you ask God to speak to you, ask Him to check your motives. Ask yourself: Why do you want to hear His voice? Is it so you can obey God and be in alignment with His will? Is it so you can build up God’s people with a word of encouragement or wisdom? Or is it so you can boast about how “spiritual” you are?

Our reason for hearing God should never be for self-exaltation – it should always be to fulfill the will of God and be closer to Him. Before we seek God’s voice, it’s important to make sure our motives for doing so are pure.

  1. Lack of obedience to the word of God

God is not only looking for people who are open to hearing truth, He is also looking for people who will boldly respond to the truth through their life and actions.

For some people, the reason they can no longer hear God’s voice is because He is waiting for them to respond to the last thing that He said.

We can’t expect God to give us new instruction when He is still waiting for us to obey His instruction from last week, last month, or last year. The quicker we respond to His Word, the quicker God will share something new with us.

  1. Not using faith

The truth will overwhelm you if you don’t have the faith to believe or act on it. 

Hearing the word of God, believing it, and obeying takes faith. If you don’t believe that what He’s instructing is true or right, why would you obey it? We must stir our faith through prayer and intimate time with God. Through our relationship with Him, we can build our faith to believe and be obedient to everything that God says. 

  1. Not knowing the Bible

Many Christians are looking to have a deep, spiritual moment where God speaks audibly to them. Although this is a great desire to have, much of God’s instruction will come through digging into His Word.  The Bible is filled with over 1,000 chapters that provide instruction, correction, advice, and uncover the heart and will of God.

If you are truly looking to hear what God is saying, start by reading your Bible and allowing the word of God to become etched on your heart. When the word of God is in you, it is much easier to identify when God is leading and instructing you.

It’s time to hear God’s voice again

No longer should we live a life of spiritual silence, not knowing what God is speaking.

Now is the time to dig a little deeper so that we can hear God more clearly. It’s time to get into the word of God, allow God to purify our hearts, and truly seek God for truth so that we can obey Him.