A life of consistency with God

Posted on May 5, 2018 By Steve Gray

Most people think they must be extremely talented, anointed, or skilled to be great at something. But the first step to becoming great at anything is to become consistent in it.

Where you find victorious people succeeding in what they do, you’ll find a life of consistency that is practiced behind the scenes when no one is watching.

It goes the same in Christianity. If we want to do groundbreaking things for Christ, we must first learn to be consistent in our walk with God. Here are a few principles to help you remain consistent in your walk with God.

Consistent Christianity

The problem with Christianity today is that the people practicing it are inconsistent.

Christians want to become powerful prayer warriors, but don’t pray consistently. They want to become preachers with authority and influence but don’t spend any time in the word of God. Many believers want to advance positionally, but don’t want to go deeper relationally with God. Not on a consistent basis, at least.

If you want to become successful in the things of God, you must learn to practice the principles of God consistently – the things of God must become a lifestyle to you. Through your consistency, you will see an increase in success because improvement comes through repetition, and God honors those who remain consistent with Him.

Consistency is not for your neighbor, it’s for you.

Many are often disappointed by others’ inconsistency but give themselves a pass when they miss the mark.

Here’s a great example: If your pastor sent out a mass text Sunday telling you church was canceled because he didn’t “feel” like preaching, you would likely be appalled. You’d be upset at his lack of commitment, frustrated with his inconsistency, and disappointed that he did not keep his word.

If you would be upset with your pastor, how much more should you be upset with yourself when you don’t follow through, are inconsistent, and allow your words to fall to the ground? If a pastor, having one of the most difficult jobs in the world, can remain consistent, how much more should other believers be able to?

Consistency trumps the enemy and brings victory over your circumstances.

Satan simply can’t win against a believer who is consistently doing the right thing. When we are consistent in the things of God, we conquer the plan of the enemy to make us half-hearted and half-committed. Our consistency not only defeats the enemy but also brings victory in our everyday life. For many Christians, the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for is hidden in a lifestyle of consistency with God.

The key to consistency in the life of a believer

Our consistency with God reflects our commitment to Him. Where you find an inconsistent believer, you’ll find a believer who is walking by the flesh instead of the Spirit. But true consistency and faithfulness cannot be attained through human strength. You must be empowered by the spirit of God to become and remain consistent.

It’s time to become a consistent Christian

Consistent Christianity is not a work of the flesh, it’s a work of the Holy Spirit in your life.

If you’ve been striving to be more consistent with Him, try asking God to empower you with the grace of consistency. Ask Him to help you be led by the Spirit; for when you are led by the Spirit you will be consistent. Now is the time to become consistent with God so that you can grow in all that He has called you to do and be!