Living an Empowered Life by the Grace of God

Posted on April 20, 2018 By Steve Gray

“God’s grace covers my sins.”

How many times have you heard that phrase in your church?

Typically, people associate God’s grace with His love, forgiveness, and mercy. Grace does encompass these qualities, but grace is much more than just a quality or characteristic, it’s a spiritual force that comes from God that equips, enables and empowers. 

Grace is an empowerment from the Holy Spirit to overcome circumstances, sin, or situations that you would not be able to on your own. Grace is not a cover-up for the ungodly things in your life, it’s an empowerment to be completely free from those things.

The history of grace

Throughout history, “grace” was often given to people or groups of people who did not have the means to do anything for themselves or overcome their circumstances. For example, a wealthy person may give someone in prison grace, and help set them free from prison.

Historically, grace involved a person or entity with power and authority.  It meant helping someone else get out of their hopeless situation.

After a person was set free, the person who was given grace became loyal and made a commitment they would never leave nor forsake the person who set them free.


Grace and God

Similar to the example above, grace is not simply about God covering our sins; it’s about Him equipping us with the tools and means to get out of seemingly hopeless situations; it’s about Him showing mercy on us and setting us free from sin and bondage when we are unable to be free in our own strength.

Just as the prisoner needs grace to get out of prison; we need God’s grace to get out of the circumstances of life that hold us captive.

Might I suggest that God’s grace was never intended to hide or cover our mess, but to give us the tools to clean up our mess. God wants to equip us with the strength to overcome our circumstances, not the complacency to remain in them.





The obligation of grace

If someone has saved your life, set you free, delivered you, and helped you out of hopeless situations, then shouldn’t you feel an obligation to remain loyal to that person? We should have an unspoken, willing sense of obligation to God because of all that He has done for us.

If you want to live an empowered life of grace, you must live with a sense of obligation to God. It is by receiving His Grace that we are equipped with the strength we need to overcome our circumstances and do the will of God. Now is the time to ask for more of God’s grace, so that we can boldly walk in the victory that comes with living for and serving Him.