How do I achieve the victory in my life?

Posted on March 25, 2018 By Steve Gray

I’ve preached around the world for over 30 years and found that many Christians who claim they have the victory are actually living in consistent defeat. This breaks my heart because, as Christians, we are all called to walk in true victory. We should not be victims subject to the circumstances of this world. Instead, we should be overcomers.

One reason some Christians are not overcoming is because they don’t know how to achieve the victory in their everyday life. I would like to talk about one principle that is often overlooked, but is necessary to walk in true, God-ordained victory. 

Obedience: A key to your victory

Jesus overcame the world through obedience. Had he not obeyed his Father, death and the grave would not have been defeated.

If Jesus had to obey God to overcome, why do we think we don’t have to?​

Without obedience, there is no victory.

God is the One who gives us strategy, wisdom, and strength to overcome every battle and come out with the victory every single time. 

But to become a conqueror in every battle, we must first learn to be conquered by God; to truly walk the path of victory, we have to learn to follow and obey Him. 

For many Christians, God has given them instructions and directions that will lead them to victory, but because they refuse to obey the Lord, they remain stuck in a place of defeat.

They are not victorious. And it’s not because God isn’t good. It’s not because it’s the wrong time. It’s not because it isn’t God’s will. And it’s not because victory isn’t ordained for their life. It’s simply because they won’t do what God says.​

Obedience is not a burden

Many people cringe at the thought of having to obey God. For some, having to do what He says day in and day out is a burden that they simply don’t want to deal with.

But obeying God is not a burden.

Battling sickness and disease your whole life is a burden. Living in poverty and lack for generations and generations is a burden. Being depressed and hopeless is a burden. Holding on to past hurt and bitterness is a burden. Being stuck in a cycle of sin that you can’t get out of is a burden.

But being obedient to God is not. Because obedience brings victory over life’s circumstances. Obedience brings freedom from the burdens of life. God’s commandments are not burdensome because the outcome of obeying them is victory. 

And not only does your obedience pave the way for your victory, it shows God that you love Him because you kept His commandments, just as He said (1 John 5:3).​

Want the Victory? Allow God to Consume You

We must be overpowered by God to overpower our circumstances. We must listen to and obey God’s instructions to be victorious.

Obedience is not an act of perfection or legalism, it’s a step of faith. It’s fully giving yourself over to God so that you can have the victory in every area of your life. Whether you like it or not, battles will come. The question is: Will you trust God enough to obey Him so that you can come out with the victory?