Dealing with a Whitewashed Religion

Posted on March 25, 2018 By Steve Gray

Empty religion has sustained itself on a flimsy claim: That Jesus is alive to please us, and that our religion requires nothing of us.

In reality, the message of Jesus is not about what we get from God, but how we come to know, love and serve Him and others. It’s about being active participants in the kingdom of God by dying to ourselves daily and obeying Him.

But unfortunately, many people are active participants in a religion that has been whitewashed; a self-centered doctrine with flimsy standards and minimal expectations.

It’s a doctrine that says come to Jesus and get everything, while you give Him absolutely nothing. Accept Jesus and receive health, wealth, strength, a spouse, a great job, and a great life, while Jesus gets nothing from you in return. Whitewashed Christianity says keep your selfishness, keep your pride, keep your unforgiveness, keep your sin, and still get all of God.

But that’s just not how it works.

Yes, salvation is through faith In Christ alone. But salvation is only the starting point of your walk with God. To truly walk with God and experience His glory, there is something you must do and become. It isn’t about works or perfection, it’s about a purified and hungry heart that longs for the living God and so, in turn, picks up his/her cross and follows Jesus...daily.

The Power of Becoming

Jesus wants you to become holy – set apart for God’s use only. He wants to cleanse you, love you, correct you, and transform you into His image, for His glory.

Yes, Jesus wants you to come as you are. But after you come as you are, He wants you to become who you’re destined to be.

But whitewashed religion has taught us that our wounds are not that bad; it has taught us that we can stay the way we are because Jesus loves us anyway; it has taught us that as long as we look and act the part, God is pleased.

Because of this, many people are focused on their outward image rather than their inward condition.  People have changed how they appear to others but have not changed their heart, when it’s the heart that makes all the difference to God and brings outward transformation.​


Have you unintentionally succumbed to a whitewashed religion?

Have you allowed yourself to become consumed with getting from God, rather than giving your whole self to God? Have you been so focused on your outward appearance that you’ve overlooked the state of your heart? Have you realized that maybe, just maybe, you’ve been seeking God for the wrong reasons?

If so, our God is a God that adores a humble and repentant heart. You can’t allow the lies of religion to keep you in a place of complacency and focused on “acting” the part. It’s time to change. And it’s time to seek after God with everything you’ve got.