A Time of Preparation and Outreach

Posted on March 17, 2018 By Steve Gray

I believe that we are in a season where people are searching for answers in the midst of a world that seems filled with more problems than solutions. They are searching for something more than dead religion.

In times of questions, despair and desperation, God’s people must be prepared with answers, truth, a heart full of love, and a commitment to intercession. Here are a few things to remember in this time of hunger and desperation.

We must be concerned about people

The beautiful thing about Jesus is that He was extremely spiritual, and He also deeply cared about people. In fact, God’s will for His entire life was to save the lives and souls of people from destruction and bring them into a place of eternal communion with God.

If the mission of Christ was people-focused, what makes us think ours shouldn’t be?  If your actions and motives are truly God-centered, then you will find that people are involved in what you are doing for God. We must not forget that the core of the Gospel is not just about ourselves, but the lives of others.

We cannot be timid or silent

The world has a tendency to tempt and bully Christians into silence. The enemy will try to make us afraid – afraid that our prayers don’t matter; afraid that no one will listen to us; afraid of persecution and rejection; and afraid that God won’t answer our cry for revival.

But we cannot give way to the voices of the enemy. We cannot allow those voices to dictate our prayers or our outreach to others. We must answer the great call to share Christ, especially while people’s hearts are open to receive.​

We must pray for opportunity and discernment

As we share Christ, it is important that we ask God to order our steps. We should be praying for divine connections, encounters, and appointments, and we must be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  

In addition to obedience, we should pray for greater discernment and wisdom. We must discern who we are talking to, what their motives are, and use Godly wisdom in our response. Truly, during this time we must be committed to being led by God.​​

Our interactions must be Christ-centered and authentic

Truth loses its value to people when the delivery is not from a place of love, compassion and concern. Remember: The easiest way to share Christ is through genuine, authentic connections and relationships. Before we do anything, we must ensure that we have a heart of love and authenticity that is centered on the person, not our personal agenda.​

We must be committed to intercession

It is through prayer and intercession that answers and solutions are released. In other words, our prayers hold the solution to many peoples’ problems. This means we must be committed to consistent prayer and intercession.  We have the opportunity to pray not just at home or at church, but on our jobs, in our cars, and even in our day-to-day activities. ​

Now is the time

Now is the time to be bold and fearless. Now is the time to seek God for strength, discernment, wisdom, and a heart of zeal and compassion. There are people, right now, waiting to hear your story and hungry for the solution that you carry inside of you. Will you accept the call of outreach?​