What Hinders the Move of God?

Posted on March 11, 2018 By Steve Gray

What hinders the move of God? 

Is it bad preaching? Mediocre worship? A lack of faith? Bad theology? Or.… is it you?

When we think about all the miraculous things God has promised, it’s hard to believe that we, personally, could be the reason we don’t see God move. It’s easy to blame our leaders, or the government, or humanism, or other religions for the reason God hasn’t manifested himself in our life. But the reality is that only we, God’s people, can hinder the move of God.

Have you allowed your personal desires to override the will of God in your life? And have you allowed outside things and people to distract you from truly seeking God?

If so, you are not alone.

Many Christians have allowed personal kingdoms into their life; they’ve let mini-gods rule their time, their faith, and their commitment to God, yet wonder why they are at a spiritual stand still. 

The truth is that we – God’s people – are the problem. And there’s no better time than now to recommit our lives to God and put Him first so we can experience the fullness of who He is. Here are two ways how:

Become a living sacrifice

Becoming a living sacrifice is a neglected teaching in modern-day theology. We’re taught to trust God for health and wealth, go to church, speak positively, and give our tithes and offerings. But very few are telling us to become a sacrifice for God. 

Many believers are offering God earthly sacrifices when we need to be offering ourselves.  It’s time that we become living sacrifices, ready to be used by God in every area of our life, at all times.

Get rid of opposition

Want to get rid of personal idols? Start by laying down those things in your life that oppose God and compete for His affection.

We get excited when we hear that God wants to destroy earthly entities that oppose him, like governments or false religion. But when God tells us he wants to destroy our kingdoms — our personal beliefs, desires, and habits that compete for our attention -- we get scared and prideful.

But the only way to advance in God’s Kingdom is to get rid of our personal kingdoms. Everything in your life that exalts itself above God – stealing your time, your faith, your affection, your hunger, and your devotion to the Lord – must be brought down to its proper place if you want to experience the fullness of God.

No longer can we blame outside factors for our lack of success in God, we must only blame ourselves. 

Refocus, Rebuild, Restore

It’s time to refocus our time, hearts and commitment back to our God. We must decide to be fully committed to Him – even if that means sacrificing what makes us comfortable or brings us temporary pleasure. 

You can’t be a living sacrifice if you aren’t willing to get rid of the opposition in your life. So it’s time to cast down those personal things that oppose God so that he can be glorified.