The Judgment of God – What Does It Really Mean?

Posted on February 27, 2018 By Steve Gray

Many Christians associate judgment with the wrath and fury of God. But the truth is that God’s judgment is not always negative, and it is not always a bad thing.

Here are a few Biblical principles about the judgment of God that you may have never heard before.

God’s judgment is not only for “bad people” or sinners

Many people have been taught that salvation protects you from the judgment of God, but the Bible makes it clear that all people will be judged, including those who are part of the Church. The purpose of salvation is not to save or exempt you from God’s judgment; instead, it’s to ensure that when God does judge, you are found “not guilty” because of the innocent blood of Christ that you have received. 

Judgment can be a good thing for many people

Many believers and non-believers think that God’s judgment is a bad thing. In actuality, the outcome of God’s judgment depends on your position with God.

A court day for a person who committed murder is a scary, scary day. They face the possibility of life in prison, and even death. But a court date for someone who is innocent of a crime with little evidence against them is a joyous day! This person, when the judgment comes, will experience greater freedom, liberation, and joy upon the judge’s decision because they are found to have not committed a crime.

If you are serving God, advancing His Kingdom and suffering for Christ’s sake, then God’s judgment is exactly what you want and need. He can look down on you, judge, and decide that you are a faithful member of his Kingdom. On the other hand, He can look down on those who have persecuted you, mocked you, or even caused you to suffer, and declare a negative judgment for them.

Our goal as Christians should not be to avoid or delay God’s judgment, it should be to position ourselves to receive a favorable outcome when God judges us. If God looks down and sees a people who are obedient, passionate, humble, and faithful, then the judgment He gives us will be in our favor. We will receive a greater outpouring of His presence because He is well-pleased.

God’s judgment is not a one-time thing

The judgment of God doesn’t just come at the end of the age; it’s happening every day, all the time. God has His book of rules and regulations that decrees what is right and wrong. Because His word is already established, it judges our actions, our motives, and our hearts as we live our daily lives.

This reality should compel us to love and serve God now because the word of God judges us daily, and we want to be found in alignment with what God’s word says is right and true.

If God judged you now, what would He find?​

If God made a final judgment on your life today, what would He say? Would He say that you are a good and faithful servant? Would He find a heart that is pure and a faith that is unwavering? Would He find you giving all that you have to serve Him, love people, and advance His Kingdom? Or would He find you being lukewarm, coasting through life, and going through the motions of religion without concern of truly putting Him first?

The answer to this question should set you on a journey to seek Him more. Now is the time to serve God. Not out of fear of His judgment, but out of an undeniable prompting to be and become all that you know He is calling you to be.