Holiness Isn’t as Hard as You Think

Posted on February 13, 2018 By Steve Gray

Holiness is a subject that makes many believers cringe and cover their ears. It’s not a popular message, it doesn’t tickle people’s ears, and it doesn’t cater to the desires of the flesh. But holiness doesn’t have to be a burden. Here is a biblical look at holiness and how we can live it out in our daily life.

What Does It Mean to Be Holy?

Holiness is not about behavior. The biblical definition of holy is to be set apart or separated. If you make holiness about your behavior, then you won’t make it far. Holiness is an attitude and a decision to be set apart for God. In that decision, you inevitably notice a shift in your mentality, your lifestyle, your habits and your actions. 

“Holiness is not about behavior. If you start holiness with your behavior, then you won’t make it far.”

Holiness has nothing to do with perfection. It’s about putting yourself in a position that the rest of the world is not in: A position to hear God, seek God, and experience God. Being holy is about separating yourself from what seems normal to society for the sake of being normal to God.

The Fight for Holiness

Satan is not intimidated by Christians that look and act like the world; He is intimidated by Christians who look and act like God, because he knows that God has ultimate power and authority, not the world.

Because of this, your decision to live a life set apart for God may be a fight. Living holy is a battle because when you separate yourself, the world begins to yell for your attention. You are fighting against the voice of the enemy and fighting for the righteousness and power of God in your life.

But holiness is possible and it is biblical. Jesus loved the world but never compromised holiness. He fought to remain in the will of God so that He could fulfill God’s plan for his life on earth.

Just as Jesus stood, we must stand. Don’t allow the world to bully you out of your holiness – you are not obligated to think, believe, or act the way that everyone else does.

Let’s Live Holy Now

If God is a priority in your life, then holiness should be too. Holiness is a declaration of liberty to the world. You are free from the bondage of the fall of man! Now is the time to stand on who you are in Christ. No shame, no embarrassment and no apologies. You can be set apart for God. And you can start now.