5 Things You Can Do To Begin to Prosper – Spirit, Soul, and Body

Posted on January 30, 2018 By Steve Gray

When many people think of prosperity, they automatically think about money. But biblical prosperity encompasses our whole person - our spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions), and body.

God desires that we walk so closely with Him that we begin to flourish and prosper in all areas. Biblical prosperity is a detailed subject, but here are a few key things you can do to begin to prosper in God.

1.) Focus on the right things

Often times, people become so focused on the things they want that they forget to focus on the One who provides it. It’s good to desire greater knowledge, wisdom, health, and even financial wealth, but your desire for these things should never surpass your desire to have more of God. The moment you place greater emphasis on the gift than the giver, you will find yourself empty, because you’ve put your energy into fleeting things rather than an eternal God.

2.) Use wisely what you already have

Just like any good parent, God does not give us everything that we ask for immediately. First, He has to know that we will be responsible and faithful with little. When we’re faithful stewards over little things, God entrusts us with greater things.  If we truly want to prosper in all areas, we have to begin taking care of the things God has already given us, and put His Kingdom first.

3.) When you get more, do more

If the reason you want more is so that you can do less, then you’ve got the kingdom of God backwards. Ultimately, our desire for more — whether in our finances, our health, wisdom, knowledge or an anointing — should be rooted in a deep desire to be able to do more with what God gifts us with.

We should want more anointing so that we can have a greater impact in the Kingdom. We should want to be physically healthy so that we can do more to advance the cause of Christ. We should want more wisdom so that we can help God’s people to grow deeper in Him. We must check the intent behind our desires and make sure that it has a godly root.

4.) Commit to being a giver

Society tells us that to be whole and wealthy, we must selfishly keep things to our self. But the kingdom of God operates in a different way. The more you joyfully give of your time, generosity, spiritual gifts, wisdom, and strength, the more God will grace you with. God does not give to His people so that we can keep it all to ourselves. He gives to us so that we can freely give to others. The gifts God gives are meant to be shared, not stashed away.

5.) Begin to Prosper Today

It’s time that God’s people begin to prosper. It’s time to put God first and walk closely with Him so that we can be healthy and whole in our minds, our hearts, our relationships, our finances, and our spirits.