Keys to Debt-Free Living

Posted on January 3, 2018 By Steve Gray

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law. - Romans 13:8

In a society where debt is a norm, it can be difficult to commit to a debt-free life, but it is possible. Pastor Kathy and I committed to living debt-free years ago, and I believe you can too. If you’re looking to begin a debt-free life with God, it is important that you do these 4 things:​

1.    Trust God

If you commit to being debt-free but don’t trust God for provision, then it will be very easy to slip back into debt – not necessarily because you need to, but because you’ve blocked your source of financial and spiritual income through unbelief.

2.    Be Patient

Many peoples’ debt problem has little to do with a lack of money, and a lot to do with a lack of self-control and patience.​

In fact, that’s why credit works so well: Because people can’t wait. The flat-screen TV, new car, or exotic vacation, for example, may not be necessary, but because people can’t wait, they spend money they don’t have.​

When living a debt-free life, patience is key. You may start small, but if you do it right in the beginning, you’ll have more than enough in the end.​

3.    Remember: Debt-free living is much more than just not spending money.

True debt-free living affects your heart, your mind and your relationships -- not just your bank account.

Biblical debt-free living is deciding that nobody owes you anything – not a compliment, respect, a thank you, or an apology – and deciding that you’re going to pay everything that you owe to others. This brings you into a place of true inner freedom. You are no longer bogged down by what others owe you or what you owe others, because you are debt free in your mind, soul, spirit and body.​

4. Avoid materialism​

Materialism – that constant burden to have more and to impress others – is what makes people impulsive spenders and buyers.​

But how much money we have and the type of car we own will mean nothing in heaven, so why put emphasis on it here on Earth? We should do as God instructed Samuel – not to focus on the outward appearance (material things), but to focus on our inward condition (our heart, soul, spirit and mind).​

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” – 1 Samuel 16:7

Commit to a debt-free life today!

Maybe you have personal, emotional or financial debt. Well, today God is calling you deeper. He’s calling you trust His way of living; to stand on His provision; and to walk in His Word that declares you free from owing anyone anything but love. Today is the day to begin a debt-free life with God! 




Photo by ARTHUR YAO on Unsplash