The Key to Getting the Nations to Turn to Christ

Posted on December 12, 2017 By Steve Gray

Plenty of pastors and theologians have written books and given advice on how to evangelize and turn the hearts of unbelievers to Christ. ​

The advice given is helpful, but most of them tend to leave one important piece out of the puzzle: The Church. God uses His own people -- humble, changed, available and submitted – to touch and transform others.

But if God’s people have not been transformed and are not hungry for Him, then can we really expect unbelievers to be?​

Each of us, individually, and the body of Christ, corporately, have to be 100% dedicated to becoming a vessel that God can use to change lives. Ultimately, we can only ask for others to be transformed if we, ourselves, are being transformed. And we can only ask for unbelievers to repent if we, ourselves, have repented. ​

So where does true change in the world begin? It begins with us, the body of Christ. Before we ask God to come down and touch others, we must first want God to come down and touch us!​

I’m ready to become a vessel to be used by God

It’s time for the Church to take responsibility. We have fallen short. We desperately need God’s mercy and forgiveness. It’s us that need to get in alignment with the will and the heart of God. The message of forgiveness, repentance and dying to self should no longer be for the church “over there” or the sinner around the corner – it is for us individually. All day. Every day. ​

I recently asked God for something new. I asked Him to put my spiritual stove on high until I am boiling for Him and Him alone. To get rid of every distraction, change my heart, and transform my life until I am completely and utterly submitted to His will alone.​

Will you be bold enough to ask for this, too?​

Because it is not until we get to that place – the place of radical submission and fire for God -- that we can expect greater miracles, greater salvation, and a greater power and presence of God to explode inside and outside of the Church.​

Change starts with us. It starts with you. Giving up your will and your ways, and realizing how desperately you need a touch from God.​