3 Ways to Show God You’re Grateful this Holiday Season

Posted on November 17, 2017 By Steve Gray

For Christians, gratitude and thanksgiving should be a lifestyle. We should constantly be overwhelmed with the mercy of God and humbled by all He has done for us. A constant river of praise and worship should flow out of us in response to all God has done.​

If you’ve fallen off, or even if you’ve been in a decent place with God, use this holiday season to refocus your mind on Jesus and all He has done for you. Here are 3 ways to truly show God you’re grateful this holiday season.​

  1. Spend time with Him

One way Jesus showed his love for God was by spending time with Him – day and night, night and day (Luke 6:12; Mark 1:35). ​

All the nice things you do during the holidays lose value when you neglect the One who has given you the means to do it. God isn’t just looking for you to do nice deeds, He is looking for you to give Him your heart through intimate time with Him.​

  1. Obey Him

Imagine this: Being so intimate with God that you never miss His voice or instruction; and being so committed to His kingdom that when you get instruction from Him, you immediately obey.​

Now that’s true love, and it’s exactly what Jesus did every day of his earthly life. He proved his love for God by being obedient to Him. We should also show our love for God in the same way… Through humility and obedience rooted in intimacy with our Father.​​

  1. Treat People Right

As children of God, we must treat the people in our lives with love and respect. After all, the health of our natural relationships reflects the health of our spiritual relationship with God.​

What greater way to show God your gratitude than by offering people the greatest gift they could ever receive: Jesus. And during this season of gift-giving, what better gift to give people than the good news of the Gospel, the power of the Kingdom of God, and the great love of Christ?​

God deserves our time and obedience this holiday season. 

The most miraculous, beautiful and gracious act to ever occur on the face of the Earth came through one man’s obedience to God. Jesus was willing to put his life on the line, all for the sake of God’s will.  If He can give His life, then I think we can give God our time, worship and obedience this holiday season.