Symptoms of a Hard Heart

Posted on November 7, 2017 By Steve Gray

A hard heart typically comes when there is tension between God’s will and your own. God is pulling you one way, but something else is pulling you a different way, so you cope with that tension by hardening your heart toward God rather than fully yielding to His will.

Sometimes our hearts can become hardened toward God and we don’t even realize it.  So it’s important that we humbly and openly acknowledge and address areas where pride may be drawing a wedge between us and the Father. Here are a few symptoms that could be signs that your heart has become hardened toward God.

1.) Inner turbulence

This could be emotional or mental turbulence. Maybe you’re going back & forth between God’s will and your own, or maybe you find yourself on a constant emotional or mental roller coaster. One day you’re up, the next day you’re down. One day you’re on fire for Jesus, the next day you’re spiritually dead.

This inconsistency could point to a greater problem: You are so consumed with self that you don’t want to fully surrender to God, so you go back and forth between serving Him and pleasing self.

2.) Restlessness

When you begin to harden your heart toward God, you may experience restlessness - mentally, physically or emotionally.

Because there is a wedge of pride between you and God, your heart and soul no longer has a safe resting place, so it becomes restless - searching for satisfaction in things other than Him. It could be jumping from relationship to relationship or from church to church. Your inner man is searching for rest, but pride keeps it from acknowledging that Christ is the only true resting place.

3.) Discontentment

All contentment comes from Christ. Period.​

All across the world there are people who are discontent because they are trying to find peace in something other than God. They’re discontent with their marriage, so they look for someone else; they’re discontent with their sexuality so they try to change it; they’re discontent with their pastor so they switch churches; they’re discontent being alone so they go from relationship to relationship.​

The list goes on and on...​

But being discontent contradicts the Word of God, which tells us that His grace is sufficient for us and that Jesus is our Prince of Peace.  Life may not be perfect, but as God’s children, we should always have inner peace.​

4.) Rocky relationships

A hard heart with God will ALWAYS transfer over to your relationships. Think about it: If you struggle to listen to, obey and love your Father, who is perfect in all of His ways, how much more will you struggle with the imperfect people in your daily life?​

If you notice your relationships are beginning to go haywire, you may want to check and see if it is a reflection of your relationship with God. If you find that it is, it may be time to humble yourself before the Lord and seek Him.​

Take some time to reflect on your life.  Has your heart become hard?  It’s time to allow the Spirit of God to wash over you like a flood so that you can experience the fullness of the kingdom of God in every area of your life.  It’s time for peace, contentment, and stability!  That’s His desire for us all!