Are your prayers in alignment with God’s will?

Posted on November 7, 2017 By Steve Gray

What is prayer to you? Is it seeking God to move in certain areas of your life? Is it speaking good things to God to make sure He is exalted? Is it decreeing the will of God over different areas?

True prayer is a combination of all these things. But it is possible to be doing these things, yet still miss the mark in our prayer lives.

Prayer and Spiritual Pride​

We all know that a lifestyle of prayer is beneficial and necessary for all believers. But it is possible to develop spiritual pride, which can lead to praying “witchcraft prayers” that seek to control people or situations.​

Spiritual pride is when you become so confident in your answered prayers that you begin to give credit to yourself rather than to God. 

It’s possible to get so used to the authority you have in Christ that you begin to abuse or misuse it. It is in this state of spiritual pride that your prayers can become more about your will than God’s…. And this is a HUGE problem.​

Why we Pray​

When you enter into prayer, you should always have one thought in mind: “Lord not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22:42).​

You should pray because you want to yield to God’s will, not because you want to have the final say on the outcome of a situation.​

We don’t pray to control, we pray to advance the will of God. If the reason or heart behind our prayer is to control another person’s actions, or sway the outcome of a situation solely for our personal benefit, then we have lost the heart of God and are no longer operating in Godly prayer, but in witchcraft.​

It’s time to get back to the heart of prayer. With compassion and humility, we must seek, speak and pray the will of God. Not simply for the benefits we can get from it, but out of a burning desire for God to have