The Battle You Must Fight (And Win)

Posted on October 30, 2017 By Steve Gray

The truth is that being a Christian is about much more than being blessed, having money, or going to heaven.​

It’s about living a life of wholeness and being continually renewed and transformed by the power of the living God. But to do that, there will be a fight. A fight against your past, a fight against sin, a fight to live holy, and a fight to continue to grow in God. And that’s where a lot of people tap out.​

Many Christians want to walk in power and authority publicly, but don’t have the strength to fight spiritual battles privately. Even worse, they want to conquer the world in Christ, but cannot even conquer the strongholds in their daily lives.​

Your personal victories pave the way for large-scale victories in your family, country, and even the world. By being willing to fight, you help advance God’s will in the earth and destroy the plan of the enemy.​

Whether it is a big or small battle, we must predetermine that we are going to fight and not back down.

The spiritual battle you must fight (and win)​

If you are a citizen of the kingdom of God then you’re automatically at war with the kingdom of Satan. We already know God has ordained us to have the victory in every spiritual battle – but many of us forget that there is no victory without a fight.​

It can be hard. It can be enduring. It requires discipline. It will bring persecution and a trying of your faith. But God gets the glory out of every victory, and that’s what matters most.​

We must decide that when these spiritual battles come, we are not going to back down, give up, or give in to doubt and fear. Instead, we are going to use the armor God has given us and fight the good fight of faith.​

When we make the decision to fight and persevere, we will come out with the victory every single time.​