3 Key Ways to Maintaining Your Spiritual Moment with God

Posted on October 26, 2017 By Steve Gray

The problem with a lot of churches and people is that they do not know how to sustain their spiritual moments with God. Because of this, many people are not able to gain spiritual momentum.

This is why so many people leave church spiritually full, but by the end of the day are spiritually empty again. They knew how to grab their moment with God, but don’t know how to sustain it outside of the song they were singing or outside of the four church walls.

So how do you ensure that you are sustaining your spiritual moments with God?

1.) Focus on the King, not the song

Yes, we want the songs we sing to the Lord to sound good. But, ultimately, God finds most delight in the servant who is focused on magnifying and exalting Him, regardless of what song is playing and how it may sound.

2.) Focus on worship, not words

You don't have to sing every word to the song, you just have to capture every moment with God.

Some of your most intimate moments with God may be sitting in His presence and listening to what He is saying instead of repeating vain words that do not come from the heart (Matthew 6:7).

3.) Make worship a lifestyle

Worship is not just a song, and it does not just happen at church. True worship is in everything that we do. We should think about God, exalt Him, and magnify Him in every area of our lives. Our hearts should be in a place of constant reverence and gratitude toward God. In other words, we shouldn't make worship about a singular moment. Instead, worship should be a lifestyle so that God can be glorified in every area of our lives, at all times.