Your path to freedom starts with this one simple thing

Posted on October 13, 2017 By Steve Gray

Being humble is one of the basic prerequisites of living for God.​

Yet so many Christians are not taking the path of humility that leads to freedom and transformation. When there's an altar call at church, how often do you leave without responding to the Word?​

When the preacher is preaching a convicting message, how often do you write it off as if it doesn't apply to you?​

When's the last time you were real with God and told him how helpless and wrecked you are, and how desperately you need his power?​

Many Christians don't live a life with that kind of humility. They think not bragging about their new car, or not showing off their new outfit is true humility. But no, true humility is formed in the deep, secret moments that you have with God. It comes from you being honest with yourself and God about your mistakes and imperfections.​

So I ask you... What is it that you need to get real with God about?​

Is it that person you haven't forgiven because you think you have the right to be bitter?​

Is it the way you try to manipulate your friend or spouse into doing things your way?​

Is it the way you reject correction and rebel against your leadership, causing division and strife in your own church, home and job?​

Is it the way you excessively worry about your finances and doubt God's ability to take care of you?​

You know your weak spots, and it's important not to ignore them. At least, not if you want to continually experience true freedom.​

The Enemy of Pride

Pride makes you think that because you've come a long way, you can be content with where you're at. But just because you're not where you used to be doesn't mean you don't have some transformation and repentance to do. And just because someone else's life is messier than yours does not mean you don't have personal cleaning up to do. We cannot compare ourselves to other people and expect to truly be transformed by God.​

Let's be honest. Pride has become so many people's downfall. It hardens your heart, masks your convictions, and makes it difficult to admit your faults. But admitting them is the most humbling and freeing thing you can do.​

Ultimately, your freedom is your choice. And your freedom starts with your humility toward God.

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash