Noah Built An Ark

Posted on December 16, 2015 By Steve Gray

Hebrews 11:7 says that Noah built an ark to save his family.  Most of us are familiar enough with the story that we don’t need to retell it here.  What is important to stress is Jews and non-Jews coming together as “one new man” will be the ark to save us in these last days.

This might seem like an amazing statement or one that stretches the context of the story of Noah too far.  However, when you consider that God created one new family to rebuild the families of the earth, it begins to make more sense.  Another thing that caught my attention is that Noah built an ark for a promised flood without even knowing what a flood or an ark looked like.

Jews and non-Jews coming together as “one new man” will be the ark to save us in these last days.

We are faced with the same problem.  The coming together of Jews and non-Jews to experience a flood of God’s glory and power is something none of us can really process.  The best we can do is read from the book of Acts to see that whatever was going on with them turned the world upside down. I guess the easiest way to explain this is to say that the ark of safety, like the one Noah built to save his family, won’t be finished until there is a revival of the presence and glory of God, with Jews and non-Jews coming together.

Let me also make sure everyone knows what I am not saying.  The problem in the first century was what do with non-Jews believing in Jesus.  The answer came back clear.  Don’t do anything with them.  They were not to try to become Jews, but instead were to live by the same inward faith that Jews lived by. Today it is the same.  Non-Jews don’t need to become Jews for a “one new man” plan to work.  Of course Jews don’t need to “convert” to Christianity either.  The “one new man” is a spiritual creature that is living and experiencing a level of God that cannot be experienced alone.  It is a corporate anointing where everyone melts together, like candles of many colors, into one ball of wax when near the fire.  The color of candle we were before the fire will be irrelevant and forgotten.

My point is that Noah built an ark to save his family from a promised flood that would produce a new family on the earth.  Noah had God’s new family safely floating along until it was time to start over again. I believe the spiritual coming together of Jews and non-Jews will float us into the end of this age until the door is opened. We will then walk transformed within a new heaven and a new earth.

May God speedily bring us his salvation and mercy and revive us as one.