WRITE: The Essentials of Creative Media - Screenplays

Reach the masses through creative media! WRITE: The Essentials of Creative Media is a 4-DVD special teaching by Steve Gray covering the essentials of writing screenplays, songs, lyrics and books.

Screenplays - this digital download covers:

  • Determining your movie concept
  • Setting the pace
  • Creating the tone
  • Following the pattern of a successful movie
  • And more!

Gray is the award winning producer of the television variety show The Steve & Kathy Show, screenwriter, producer and composer of the feature family film My 3 Saints, and author of multiple books. His experience will help you communicate your message in a way that reaches the masses.

If God has put a desire in your heart to write a book or movie or song, this series offers practical ways for your dream to become a reality.

Available as Digital Downloads or as a full set on DVD.

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