Journal to Faith - Kathy Gray

Are you ready for the most glorious ride of your life? This year can be a year of adventure as your faith is nurtured, cultivated and challenged through Kathy Gray’s Journal to Faith – Connecting Your Life to Kingdom Living.

Build Kingdom principles in your life and strengthen your faith with monthly concepts, daily scriptures and Kathy’s words of encouragement. Your faith will expand with her faith steps, praise points and daily bible readings.

Live on a new level of faith with these monthly concepts:

  • Faith that Decides
  • Faith that Asks Big
  • Faith that Digs Deep
  • Faith that Treasures
  • Faith that Lets Go
  • Faith that is Not Outwitted
  • And more…

Supplements include a daily bible reading plan, prayer of salvation and steps to receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Journal your way to faith with Kathy Gray this year – and connect your life to powerful Kingdom living!


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