Hope Heals

God wants to heal you! Hope Heals is a fresh approach to healing that will stir your faith towards God’s plan for wholeness.

Laying the biblical foundation for healing, Steve Gray answers the questions many people ask when grappling with sickness and disease. You’ll find out why hope is the secret ingredient to healing and why some people are healed while others aren’t.

Hope Heals will help you:

  • Understand God’s plan for healing
  • Break free from bad theology that hinders your healing
  • Tackle demonic spirits with authority
  • Receive your medicine from heaven – and find out how to extend God’s healing power to others.

God still heals today! Hope Heals may be the beginning of your miracle. Order your copy today – and a second for someone you know that is struggling with sickness.

*Bonus! Includes a special interview with Steve Gray sharing the conception and establishing of the House of Hope and Healing, a 24/7 prayer ministry,  “where miracles happen every day.”

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