Is the Rapture for Real?

Many people preach tribulation for the Jews while Christians are raptured away. In this video, Steve Gray shares his journey towards a better end times theology that offers hope and help for Israel.


A powerful story of transformation! Kathy Gray shares her life story in a way that brings freedom and life to the listener.

Growing up in a Christian home, Kathy was surrounded by love. Despite a loving environment, at an early age she found her life gripped by a root of bitterness. It almost destroyed her ministry and her motherhood as well as her marriage.


You were created to worship! Dustin Smith presents a new perspective on worship and our responce to heaven's reply.

Sermons include:

Example or Excuse

Our Responce to the Glory

Worship that Works



God uses worship moments to move in power! Steve Gray outlines worship concepts that will propell you towards a lifestyle of worship and activate God's power in your life.

Sermons include:

The Purpose of Worship

Sacrifice of Praise

Why Worship?

Senior Pastor of World Revival Church, Steve Gray is a leading voice in revival today with a global impact. Thousands worldwide are experiencing God in powerful ways through his ministry.

God Will Come Down and Help You!

In this classic sermon from the Kansas City revival, Pastor Steve exposes how the religious system is robbing God and neglecting the body of Christ. In the Kingdom of God, you can’t be an individual. We need to stop neglecting God, turn back to him, and he will come down and help us!