Steve Gray

Steve Gray is the founder and president of Steve Gray Ministries. His book titles include My Absurd Religion; When the Kingdom Comes, Hope Heals and more. Steve is also a songwriter and screenwriter for both television and film, with his current feature film project focused on Israel.

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God Will Come Down and Help You!

In this classic sermon from the Kansas City revival, Pastor Steve exposes how the religious system is robbing God and neglecting the body of Christ. In the Kingdom of God, you can’t be an individual. We need to stop neglecting God, turn back to him, and he will come down and help us!

5 Ways to Set the Atmosphere for God's Presence

God is stirring hearts and people are hungry for an outpouring of the Spirit. I would like to discuss strategies for leading people into the glorious presence of God. I certainly don't want to imply that these strategies are exclusive.

Noah Built An Ark

Hebrews 11:7 says that Noah built an ark to save his family.  Most of us are familiar enough with the story that we don’t need to retell it here.  What is important to stress is Jews and non-Jews coming together as “one new man” will be the ark to save us in these last days.

Are You Weary and Heavy Laden?

Most of us are familiar with the scripture where Jesus calls the people who are weary and heavy-laden to come to him and he will give them rest. I think that passage is traditionally preached to non-believers, promising them rest if they come to Jesus.

A Prophetic Answer to Terrorism

Terror may be gripping people's hearts, but we know our God is stronger! Listen and share Pastor Steve’s message “A Prophetic Answer to Terrorism” and let's show we are #notAfraid

The True Foundation of Christianity: Inheritance of the Promised Land

The true foundation of Christianity is built on a Messiah coming back to earth, not on people leaving earth to go to heaven for eternity. In this video, Steve Gray discusses how Abraham’s descendants will one day inherit the earth.

How did Israel become a modern day miracle?

Is it possible for a nation to be born in a day? In this video, Steve Gray explains how Israel became a nation and defended itself against its enemies.

Do you know the significance of the Wailing Wall?

What is the significance of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? In this video, Steve Gray discusses the history of the wall and the symbolism it holds for the Jewish people.

Discover the historical significance of the year 70 AD!

What is so significant about the year 70 AD? Watch as Steve Gray discusses the importance of this date and its proper context in history.

Princes of Peace: Connecting with Israel through powerful media

How can a movie bring about a revival in Israel? In this video, Steve Gray explains how the “Princes of Peace” can help establish new connections with the Jewish people.