Steve Gray

Steve Gray is the founder and president of Steve Gray Ministries. His book titles include My Absurd Religion; When the Kingdom Comes, Hope Heals and more. Steve is also a songwriter and screenwriter for both television and film, with his current feature film project focused on Israel.

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3 Ways to Show God You’re Grateful this Holiday Season

For Christians, gratitude and thanksgiving should be a lifestyle. We should constantly be overwhelmed with the mercy of God and humbled by all He has done for us. A constant river of praise and worship should flow out of us in response to all God has done.​

Symptoms of a Hard Heart

A hard heart typically comes when there is tension between God’s will and your own. God is pulling you one way, but something else is pulling you a different way, so you cope with that tension by hardening your heart toward God rather than fully yielding to His will.

God will never leave you nor forsake you: What does that really mean?

It’s unfortunate to say, but we live in a society where being left and forsaken is a norm. Whether it is a friend, a parent, a spouse, or someone else close to you, most of us have had someone we care about leave our lives.

Are your prayers in alignment with God’s will?

What is prayer to you? Is it seeking God to move in certain areas of your life? Is it speaking good things to God to make sure He is exalted? Is it decreeing the will of God over different areas?

A Soft Heart - God’s Desire

Having a hardened heart puts you in a tough position because God is unable to really move in your life when that’s the case.  When your heart is hard, you lack faith and, even worse, you aren’t even open to the voice and will of God in your life.

The Battle You Must Fight (And Win)

The truth is that being a Christian is about much more than being blessed, having money, or going to heaven.​

3 Key Ways to Maintaining Your Spiritual Moment with God

The problem with a lot of churches and people is that they do not know how to sustain their spiritual moments with God. Because of this, many people are not able to gain spiritual momentum.

Your path to freedom starts with this one simple thing

Being humble is one of the basic prerequisites of living for God.​

Yet so many Christians are not taking the path of humility that leads to freedom and transformation. When there's an altar call at church, how often do you leave without responding to the Word?​

6 Practical Ways to Overcome the Enemy

Have you ever heard of a Christian being filled with the Spirit, yet still influenced by Satan?

It sounds bad. To some, it may even seem unlikely or impossible. But daily, there are Christians who are unknowingly led by a power that is not God.

The Key to Operating in the Prophetic

Prophecy has been a very difficult subject over the years for a variety of reasons. If you’ve been a pastor, or a leader, you know that sometimes “prophecies,” can cause more trouble than help. Yet at the same time the Bible teaches us that you should not despise prophecy.