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Steve Gray

Innovator. Pioneer. Funny. Maverick. Equipper. Reformer. Funny. Transparent. Leader. Creative. Did we say funny? Gifted to disarm people through his distinctive sense of humor and warmth, Steve Gray articulates precisely what millions are thinking and what they long for someone to say.

He challenges the status quo whether it is the condition of religion in America or the condition of our own hearts and minds. One thing is certain. He gets results. Thousands of lives have experienced the unforgettable, undeniable, and life-changing power of God through his compelling teachings, insights and ministry.

From the Heartland of America, Steve Gray is using every means at his disposal to bring people everywhere a religion that works. He is the voice people want to hear, facing the challenges meeting the American Church head on and doing it quite effectively.

With over 30 years in the full time ministry, Steve and his wife Kathy tirelessly proclaim that, “Everyone deserves to experience the presence of God.” Whether through dynamic, life changing teachings, or ministries that connect people from every part of life, Steve and Kathy are bringing people answers and hope to life’s most difficult situations.

Author Brings America a Religion That Works

“America is in Crisis!” and Steve Gray, author of the newly released book, My Absurd Religion asks, “Is Religion to blame? Could there be another reason for the troubles our nation is in?” One producer took Steve’s premise that “Americans are not anti-God, but simply anti-religion,” to the streets and reported, “What you say in this book is absolutely right!”

Steve’s efforts to bring life and hope back to the people of God is evident as he answers these questions and more with transparency and truth. From his true insider experience, Steve has pulled back the curtain on religion in America and expertly tells us what he sees.

Emmy® Award Winner

Gray is also the creator and executive producer of The Steve and Kathy Show, an Emmy® award-winning faith-based TV variety show. It uses humor to reveal the absurdities of religion while bringing truths that give hope to the very people who have been disheartened by it.

The popularity of the original skits, which have become a trademark of the tongue-in-cheek style of The Steve & Kathy Show, is growing daily through popular sites such as You Tube.

Founder of Thriving Church

Under Steve’s leadership World Revival Church is a friendly, vibrant, and fast growing church in the Kansas City area. Steve and his dynamic congregation were catapulted to national prominence in 1996 through a supernatural event in a tiny Missouri town with a population 532. Ultimately drawing over a quarter million people worldwide in a 3 ½ year period, his experiences have now been recognized and documented by TIME Magazine, Newsweek, and numerous other media as thousands sought the experience themselves.

Gray’s international presence exploded, reaching the nations of Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, England, Canada and more as hundreds of thousands sought to incorporate Gray’s experiences and those of his congregation as their own.

May 2, 2008 marked yet another turning point as a fresh awakening swept in Gray’s church with a heightened level of intensity. His no-nonsense wisdom and straightforward teachings are attracting visitors around the country leaving men, women and even children stirred and changed.

Founder of The House of Hope & Healing

Steve and Kathy Gray, along with the entire World Revival Church family, are focused like never before on providing ministries and services that impact every area of life. A perfect example of that is the beautiful House of Hope and Healing, Steve Gray’s vision of compassion towards those who find themselves in a crisis.

Through hundreds of volunteers, trained under Steve Gray, The House of Hope and Healing offers a compassionate ministry of prayer and hope to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds from all around the Greater Kansas City area and the world. Built to combat the devastation that disease and despair bring to people’s lives, Gray’s vision was to build a “House” where dignity, hope and healing would prevail. Thousands of lives continue to be touched through this powerful ministry available 24 hours a day, including marriages, relationships, and physical help of all kinds.

Founder of World Revival Network of Churches and Ministries

To maximize the effort to reach hundreds of pastors and leaders who have been devastated, desperate for help, and lost in the religious system, Steve’s counsel was sought. With thousands of sincere, hard-working leaders and pastors leaving the work of the ministry daily, something had to be done. Steve established the World Revival Network of Ministries in answer to their heartfelt plea.

Since 1999 this organization has provided encouragement and support; impacting the lives of leaders around the world by equipping them with effective tools, information, credentials and opportunities for effective leadership in the local church. He further provides education, biblical governance and practical ministry as well as empowering through long term relationships, prayer and spiritual impartation.

Founder of World Revival School of Ministry

As founder of the World Revival School of Ministry, Steve’s goal is to train others to do what he does, and to pass on what he knows to the next generation – how to have a religion that works!

World Revival School of Ministry began in 2000 in Kansas City as a part of World Revival Church to train those who have a hunger to experience more of the life and activity of God through biblical studies in an academic environment.

Students come from around the globe to study with teachers and leaders who not only have been academically trained but have learned how to allow the God of the Bible to work in their own lives. Students learn all aspects of a national and international ministry, including media training and television production using the industry’s finest production tools.

Additional Publications

A renowned and established author, Gray’s additional works include:

  • "When the Kingdom Comes" – Gray uses the unforgettable story of the Smithton Outpouring to reveal God’s plan to bring his church to life again. Through the remarkable events that spurred visits by TIME and Newsweek, Gray uses his experiences, real life stories, and practical teaching to help ordinary people encounter God
  • "Follow the Fire" - What happens when a sovereign move of God opens the doors to an opportunity of a lifetime? When you follow the fire, you accept God’s unique adventure to accomplish the work of God in ways you may have never imagined!
  • "Hope Heals" – Gray’s unique response to the most difficult questions and issues on healing today. This fresh approach to the healing message will challenge your thinking when the Kingdom of God comes near.
  • "Strike the Match" - Steve’s depth of Biblical insight is recognized by ministries throughout the world. Affectionately called a “pastor to pastors and leaders,” Grays reformation style preaching has produced “blazing” sermons that have become one of his distinct marks.
  • "Pour Down From the Skies" - is Steve’s heart rending personal story and intimate insights into the earliest stages of the historical revival that drew over 250,000 people to a town of 532. "From the cornfields to being planted in the middle of the Heartland," prominent leaders in America say, “Steve Gray has been raised to touch the world.”

There is an uprising of life happening through Steve Gray Ministries
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